Jason Jägel

Jason Jägel's edition investigates the repeating pattern for its link to the electromagnetic fascia of life as found in brotherhood, family, and other social relationships. Jason's pattern was printed in two color-ways to produce a handkerchief with hand-drawn border and a third color-way which we used to make a reversible tie. Handkerchiefs come in blue and brown, both with blue border. We will try to accommodate specific color requests while supplies are available. Jason's edition was produced during back to back residencies at the Royal Nonesuch Gallery and the Headlands Center for the Arts.

Headlands Center for the Arts

In August of 2010 Alula Editions was in-residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts where we led a series of walks along with plant experts Mia Monroe and Nicole LoBue to explore the unique flora and fauna of the area through drawing. The resulting drawings were combined to make a repeat pattern printed in part with an all natural dye made from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.


Allison Smith

The edition we have made with Allison Smith comes out of our mutual interest in the act of ‘making’ as a path to healing. It features a tree of life that is printed rather than sewn and is inspired by the idea that the garden of Eden may have been located in Baghdad. The bright saturated colors can stand alone or, used in conjunction with the pomegranate embroidery kit, serve as a guide for your own foray into the painstaking and potentially meditative act of stitching by hand.

Amy Franceschini

Amy Franceschini's pattern incorporates three key symbols representing an arc of advocacy related to food systems. The Grange, The United Farm Workers Association, and Victory Gardens 2007+ together form a constellation of organizations pointing to the efforts, both national and local, that push for the advancement of worker's rights, consumer education, creative land use solutions, and solidarity amongst stewards of agricultural land. This edition was designed with the farmer at market in mind and is a celebration of the critical protagonists who are tending our food system.