Alula Editions with Mia Monroe and Nicole LoBue
Headlands Center for the Arts, Fall/Winter 2010

In the summer of 2010 Alula Editions spent a month ensconced in the fog of the Marin Headlands hosted by the Headlands Center for the Arts. We set up a temporary workshop in the converted military quarters tucked into a green valley. Our second edition is borne of our enchantment with the plants that populate the area’s complex ecosystem. The public was invited to join us for hikes lead by veteran park ranger Mia Monroe and local chef and herbalist Nicole LoBue. Mia and Nicole helped us scout and identify the flora growing along a path running over rocky hills and alongside a lagoon, leading to the Pacific Ocean. Each hiker was given a quill-style pen we hand-carved from driftwood along with an inkwell and invited to compose plein-air drawings of the plants such as wild fennel, yarrow, mugwort, and selfheal. Dozens of hikers penned over 100 drawings and a selection of these drawings were used to make the pattern for this edition.

Further drawing from the landscape, we printed part of this edition with ink we made from eucalyptus leaves. Inside the kit is an ink made from black walnut, a wooden pen hand-carved by members of the Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club and a recipe for making an herbal tincture. Whether or not you are able to experience the particular landscape of the Headlands first hand we hope this kit will inspire you to look closely at the diversity of life growing around you.

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